Influenced by 90’s psychedelic party scene.

For this collection we created our own version of the iconic Acid House Smiley Face – the NICCE Melt Skull –  seen across hallucinatory repeat prints and stand alone motifs as an emblem of the iconic rave culture. Taking note from strobe lights and famed industrial architecture of the Hacienda is the collections key optical illusion print. Realised in a rave culture fluro -palette of high-viz orange, acid yellow and laser red contrasted with warped hues of black and grey.

Details include transparent fitted draping, tightly controlled rushing and glossy silicon prints that glow in the dark, with oversized neon draw cords and latex drip print NICCE logos. This collections stays true to the NICCE streetwear aesthetic , with form fitting athleisure and co-rd sweat pieces alongside an injection of bold prints and alternative high fashion shapes that showcase a new modern take on the streetwear sensibility.


Creative Director: Katie Eary