Inspired by the concept of uniformity within authority. How can we identify authority in uniform? The police uniform is quickly recognized as a powerhouse, a dominant force which cause citizens to either perceive as secure or alarming. Without doubt this uniform has slowly been constructed to intimidate, distinguished by the bold neon reflective jackets, lavished with badges, countless pockets, latches for weapons and much more.

Questioning the idea of utility of the garments, like the removable belt harness to hold weapons, used to protect or “maintain order”. Investigating the London Riots, where the officer’s uniforms were far more equipped for hazardous and violent crisis, which enhanced my fascination with utilitarian garments. Like, the enduring shields, helmets, bulletproof vest, gloves and more. Every fastening, padding and pocket has crucial impact to the wearer; it’s the usefulness of the garments, more than just the aesthetic value.


Photographer: Ronan McKenzie

Model: Lily Stewart